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Nymphomaniac: Lars Von Trier's Ultimate Joke

Lars Von Trier's epic four-hour examination of the life of a nymphomaniac is everything you expect a Von Trier film to be – pretentious, over-wrought, juvenile, sublime, ridiculous, explicit and provocative. What's most unexpected about Nymphomaniac is how much of it is played for laughs.

Spring Breakers: A Visceral Joyride Into Nothingness

Spring Breakers left me conflicted more than any film in recent memory. As an aesthetic encounter, the film is suitably impressive – packed with gorgeously lurid, neon-tinted visuals and a narrative that liquefies past and present into a gooily immersive experience.

Argo: Hollywood Myth-Making

Ben Affleck's third directorial outing, Argo, is a remarkably effective and efficient Hollywood concoction based on the true story of CIA agent Tony Mendez and his elaborate scheme to get 6 Americans out of Iran during the hostage crisis of 1980.

The Troubling Contradiction Of God Bless America

God Bless America - Bobcat Goldthwait's attempt at sharp social satire - sadly ends up being a toothless, left-leaning wet-dream of an experience that revels in the vacuous culture it is simultaneously trying to critique.

The Dark Knight Rises With Sound & Fury

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a loud, furious, intense, chaotic, messy and ultimately exhausting end to what is undeniably a pretty amazing trilogy that has redefined superhero cinema in a way that makes all the Marvel efforts seem juvenile.

SFF 2012: Gangs Of Wasseypur

The word 'epic' gets thrown around a lot in these hyperbolic times but there really is no better word to express the scope and ambition of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR - a 5 and a half hour, Indian gangster film that spans 70 years and follows one crime family through 3 generations.

Dr Strangelove: Or Why You Need To See This Film Again Immediately

In January 1964 Stanley Kubrick unleashed DR STRANGELOVE into the world just months after the assassination of JFK. In fact the first test screening of the film was scheduled the day the assassination took place.

Little Deaths is a Perverted Little Gem

The good old horror anthology film has been around almost as long as cinema itself. Every era or movement in film has dipped their toe in the anthology waters from the 1919 silent German work EERIE TALES to the Italian giallo BLACK SABBATH.
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