The Parallax Podcast - Episode 1 (1/3/12)

We're proud to present the first official episode of THE PARALLAX PODCAST, a fortnightly show featuring Rich Haridy (“That's me!”), Luke Buckmaster and Zak Hepburn.
On today's show we tackle the mystery of Jason Statham's face in KILLER ELITE and argue over the comedic value of Kate Winslet vomiting in CARNAGE. We also examine a couple of new DVD releases – the cold, clinical CONTAGION and the warm, charming MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. Guess which one I loved.
Our resident cult king, Zak Hepburn pops in and surprises us with a truly left of centre cult pick that made me glad I was drinking scotch. Oh, and discover how much I dislike scotch.
We will be endeavoring to get the show on iTunes for all you Apple aficionados but in the meantime just download the mp3 directly from the Soundcloud link below and chuck it on your phone to listen to while traveling on public transport and staring at sexy people. I have it on good authority that Michael Fassbender listened to our podcast to get in the mood before shooting the train scenes in SHAME. True story...
If you feel compelled to agree, argue or just lob metaphorical (or real) stones then comment at Luke's Crikey blog or find us on Twitter.