The Parallax Podcast 9 (22/06/12)

We all knew the prior episode's love-fest couldn't last and with that I introduce our latest PARALLAX PODCAST, a movie debate show featuring Luke "get the quirk outta here" Buckmaster, Zak "spoken word rendition" Hepburn and Rich "my favorite word is repugnant" Haridy.
In this episode we square off on the latest Hollywood, fairy-tale adaptation, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN; dream of slapping Michelle Williams' character in TAKE THIS WALTZ; and clearly explain why PROJECT X is the artistic nadir of western civilization. I also report back from the recent Sydney Film Festival and offer up the best and worst of what I saw there. Cult guy, Zak Hepburn then pops in and let's us know about an odd little sci-fi film from 1968 called THE GREEN SLIME.
If all that wasn't enough, Luke and I also share some bad audience stories and I reveal that no one picked last episode's mystery music track. There are no readings from movie novelisations in this episode! Can you believe it?
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