The Parallax Podcast 7 (25/05/12)

I'm proud to introduce episode 7 of The Parallax Podcast, a movie debate show featuring the dapper Luke Buckmaster, the disturbing Zak Hepburn and Rich Haridy (aka: 'that guy').
In this deceptively satirical episode we discuss the surprising success of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest, THE DICTATOR; express amazement at the sequel no one really cared to see, MEN IN BLACK 3; take a trip into Werner Hertzog's CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS; happily point you towards one of the best films from the last 12 months, THE YELLOW SEA; and stare at Zak judgingly as he tells us about a cult flick from 1992 that is still technically banned in Australia, BURNING MOON.
High-fives abound as we tangent in talk about VHS, badly imitate Werner Herzog's accent and try to get a mug sponsorship deal from Penguin Books. I also reveal the source of last episode's mystery song and give you guys another one that hopefully is a little harder.
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