The Parallax Podcast 6 (11/05/12)

We have finally reached the long-awaited episode 6 of The Parallax Podcast, a movie debate show featuring the erudite Luke Buckmaster, the svelte Zak Hepburn and the self-hating hipster Rich Haridy.
In this episode we discuss Tim Burton's 'need new material for the galley show' latest, DARK SHADOWS; an edgy Edgerton mystery, WISH YOU WERE HERE; Scorsese's new gangster effort featuring Joe Pesci smashing heads, HUGO; and Diablo Cody's 'cleverest' film yet, YOUNG ADULT.
As usual Zak pops in and talks about something strange. This time he manages to sequeway from a conversation about a metaphysical acid western into a discussion about the downfall of Leonard Maltin. So all in all, predictable stuff. I finally reveal the musical cue from last episode and give you guys another one. Stop complaining about them being easy otherwise I'll choose something that only me and a guy in Albania will know.
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