The Parallax Podcast 5 (26/04/12)

Here we go with episode 5 of The Parallax Podcast, a movie debate podcast featuring the illuminating Luke Buckmaster, the elusive Zak Hepburn and the annoying Rich Haridy.
On this especially divisive episode we take on the latest blockbuster of the season THE AVENGERS; violently argue over the merits of ACT OF VALOR (a discussion that went on far longer than what you will end up hearing); nut out the ethical implications over Oscar nominated doco WASTE LAND; and urge you to see one of the greatest Aussie films of recent times, BURNING MAN.
Our cult man, Zak Hepburn sticks his head out of the vault to introduce us to a little known yet kickass sounding werewolf film from 1974. As well as all of this, we give you an exclusive reading from a great work of literature, drop another mystery cue of music and make some truly bad jokes. Yep, another day at the office.
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