The Parallax Podcast 4 (12/04/12)

Storming into your ear buds is episode 4 of The Parallax Podcast, a movie debate show featuring Rich Haridy (this guy), Luke Buckmaster and Zak Hepburn.
On this episode we have a chat about my favorite film of the year so far, THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. We also subject ourselves to the horrors of BATTLESHIP, directly from the premiere. On DVD this fortnight we examine what some see as Spielberg's return to form, THE ADVENTURES OF TIN TIN and I come face to face with my cinematic arch enemy, Lars Von Trier as we debate MELANCHOLIA.
Due to public demand (2 emails) we are now on iTunes! Check the link below and do that rating thing everyone seems to go on about. Stay tuned to future episodes for some exciting news.
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