The Parallax Podcast 2 (15/3/12)

Here we are with the second episode of The Parallax Podcast, our fortnightly film debate show featuring Rich Haridy, Luke Buckmaster and Zak Hepburn.
On today's show we tackle two current cinema releases: the upcoming super-cool action film THE RAID and the surprisingly divisive science fiction epic, JOHN CARTER. We also argue the merits of new to DVD releases, the harrowing WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN and then we literally talk about Kevin when discussing Mr Smith's RED STATE.
The general of cult, Zak Hepburn pops in with another oddity that results in a far reaching discussion covering masterpieces of cinema such as EXTREME MEASURES and THE BIG HIT. Yep, it gets a little rowdy.
For those iTunes folk we ask to hold on just a little longer. By next episode we should be all up and running with a new space to host and a spot on iTunes. As always you can temporarily just download the mp3 off the soundcloud link below and do what you will with it.