The Parallax Podcast 17 (12/10/12)

Welcome to one of our most argumentative PARALLAX PODCASTs yet featuring Luke "You know what you're gonna get" Buckmaster, Rich "No, no, no" Haridy, and Zak "Pass out in a glass of Campari" Hepburn.
In this episode we square off on Oliver Stone's latest sun-drenched piece of bombast, SAVAGES; have a heated argument over the merits of Aussie director PJ Hogan's new film, MENTAL; discover Luke is dating Anna Paquin while talking about her latest MARGARET; and spend way too much time trying to work out how to pronounce the title of PIRAHNA 3DD.
Zak Hepburn then hits the studio straight from the airport after jetsetting in the United States to discuss his experiences at the Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas, giving us the skinny on Brandon Cronenberg's latest film, ANTIVIRAL, seeing THE MASTER in 70mm and watching veteran actor Martin Landau fall over while introducing Tim Burton's latest, FRANKENWEENIE.
It's one of our best episodes yet, one could even call it 'jam-packed'. At least thats what my grand-dad tells me. I also apologise in advance for the David Hasselhoff references.
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