The Parallax Podcast 13 (17/08/12)

It's with great pleasure that I introduce this very special episode of THE PARALLAX PODCAST. I'm happy to bring the first of a new semi-regular series of PARALLAX episodes where we spend some time with a prominent Australian discussing whatever film-related topic they want.
In this episode, Luke Buckmaster and Rich Haridy are joined by the legendary Lawrence Mooney, whose resume in Australian broadcasting is so big it's probably easier to note the media outlets he hasn't appeared on.
Mooney's topic of choice – positive male role models in film – is discussed within the context of four of his favorite films: NETWORK, PAPILLION, CHINATOWN and THE STING. Of course the fact that all of those films contain con-men, criminals and mental illness makes the topic of 'positive' male role models a particularly interesting one.
Hope you enjoy this very special PARALLAX.
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