The Parallax Podcast 12 (03-08-12)

Welcome to the latest episode of THE PARALLAX PODCAST - the only podcast that features in-depth discussions of spatula-related films featuring: Luke "Having said that" Buckmaster, Rich "I get a bit carried away sometimes" Haridy and Zak "Master of obscure trivia" Hepburn.
In this episode we discuss David Cronenberg's latest, inscrutable film, COSMOPOLIS featuring Mr Twilight himself, Robert Pattinson; we also take on two new films from Steven Soderbergh - stripper movie MAGIC MIKE and the experimental action piece, HAYWIRE; and finally we tackle Johnny Depp's latest Hunter S Thompson turn, THE RUM DIARY. Cult king Zak Hepburn then pops in to enlighten us to the comic genius of Weird Al Yankovic's 1989 classic, UHF.
This episode also features your daily recommended intake of penis pump jokes, bad puns, Michael Richards references and the greatest song of the 80s.
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