The Parallax Podcast 11 (20/07/12)

In this exciting new installment of THE PARALLAX PODCAST - it's not the podcast you deserve but it is the podcast you need - Luke "I'll call you back Mum" Buckmaster, Rich "I know that guy" Haridy and Zak "Need some cheap holy water" Hepburn face off on the best and worst in the film world this fortnight.
In this episode we take on the darkening of superhero films and examine THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, a little film few people are talking about. We also check out legendary Australian director, Rolf de Heer's latest black comedy, THE KING IS DEAD and Luke has a chat with star, Gary Waddell. On the DVD shelf we scan Michael Fassbender's bits in SHAME and watch Michael Shannon go crazy in the magnificent, TAKE SHELTER before Zak pops in to blow out fragile minds with the truly insane Japanese film, HAUSU.
If all that wasn't enough we make our requisite amount of bad jokes, Luke takes a phone call from his mum and we valiantly avoid making a dick joke out of the title, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. We are professionals.
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