If we were to learn about the creator of this website we would probably begin with something like,
Richard Haridy has been interested in film as long as he can remember.
Not the most original opening sentence but certainly a pragmatic beginning. We would then locate him geographically with something like,
He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.
The next step would be to state his academic credentials thus making clear his opinions are worthy of you paying attention to.
Rich studied Media and Film at R.M.I.T before moving up to Brisbane temporarily to complete an Honours thesis at Griffith University. He is currently undertaking his Masters at the University Of Melbourne.

We could mention his Honours thesis included a big deconstruction of Gaspar Noe's Irreversible which involved him spending a day pulling apart the infamous 13 minute “scene” second by second but this may come across as strange so we will leave it out.
Now we must add some professional credentials to spice things up.
Rich currently writes for Quickflix as well as appearing on ABC Radio weekly for the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. He also co-hosts a fortnightly podcast with Luke Buckmaster featured on Crikey called The Parallax Podcast.
Name dropping a few films and filmmakers is also a necessary part of a good bio. It must tread a fine line of high brow and low brow so as to impress academically minded pretentious groups and endear lesser film educated readers who turn their noses at writers who can't enjoy mainstream filmmaking.

Rich's interests in film are wide ranging, from a deep devotion to Film Noir of the 40s and 50s (Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole reigns supreme. He will argue this point!) to great paranoid cinema of the 70s (Pakula's The Parallax View comes to mind) to Eastern cinema of the early 21st Century (Miike Takashi, Bong Joon-ho, Sion Sono). He also has a taste for extreme edged film and feels Gaspar Noe's Irreversible and Pascal Laugier's Martyrs are two of the most impressive films of the decade.

The above is not mainstream enough, we need to understand his appreciation for commercial cinema a little more.
Rich has frequently got into arguments defending his enjoyment of films such as 2012 (“giggled like a 12 year old boy for 2 hours”) and Mission Impossible 3 (“will defend to the death my enjoyment of this film especially seeing Tom Cruise running”).

That is better albeit potentially too far.
The articles on this website will endeavour to be entertaining, informative and most assuredly subjective. We must remind people that despite appearances subjectivity reigns supreme in film writing. Even the greatest films ever made have had well-educated detractors.

This disclaimer will prove important as the website will most definitely quite frequently contradict your opinion on something.